Flash Glucose Monitoring

All diabetics know that regularly monitoring the level of glucose in their blood is necessary if they are to control their diabetes, but many find regular testing difficult. A novel monitoring system … flash glucose monitoring … is currently undergoing clinical testing. But what is FGM and will it indeed be an improvement over traditional self-monitoring? Continue reading “Flash Glucose Monitoring”

High cholesterol reduces risk of death!

Received opinion is that having high levels of cholesterol in your blood-stream increases your risk of heart disease and stoke. However, a recent reliable Scandinavian study has found that higher levels of cholesterol may be linked with a reduced risk of death overall. What exactly is going on here? And what are the implications for type 2 diabetics? Continue reading “High cholesterol reduces risk of death!”

Is there really a link between dietary fat and heart disease?

In Good Food, a recently-published book, the eminent physician Dr John McKenna cast doubt on the long-held consensus that there is a link between dietary fat and heart disease. But does this opinion stand up to scrutiny? And if it does, what does this imply for the low-fat diet I and many other type 2 diabetics are using to beat our diabetes? Continue reading “Is there really a link between dietary fat and heart disease?”

Controlling your blood glucose levels is vital

Getting your diabetes under control is vital if you want to enjoy a normal life and live to a ripe old age because … if you don’t control your blood glucose levels you will probably end up with several awful health problems such as … heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, nerve damage, diabetic neuropathy, amputated feet, digestive problems, blindness, or a variety of infections. Continue reading “Controlling your blood glucose levels is vital”