Boost your metabolism to lose weight

Losing weight is one of the keys to beating your diabetes. One way to lose weight is by speeding up the number of calories your body burns in one day. But how can you boost your metabolism to lose weight? Continue reading “Boost your metabolism to lose weight”

Diabetes and Global Warming — the Link

To beat their diabetes, diabetics are increasingly turning to a plant-focused diet. But this is at a time when rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are sapping some vital nutrients out of the grains and legumes diabetics need to eat.
Continue reading “Diabetes and Global Warming — the Link”

Diabetic Neuropathy and Sleep

Diabetic neuropathy can develop into a nagging intrusiveness that will undermine you ability to enjoy a good night’s sleep. And lack of sleep will exacerbate the painful symptoms of neuropathy. What can you do about it? Continue reading “Diabetic Neuropathy and Sleep”

Diabetes, Obesity & Sleep

Obesity underpins diabetes. At the same time being overweight can disrupt your sleep. In addition, low quality sleep can cause you to put on weight. Continue reading “Diabetes, Obesity & Sleep”