How to beat aging (1)

As we grow older we begin to suffer from age-related frailties and diseases. Why does this happen and is there anything we can do to reverse or postpone the process? Continue reading “How to beat aging (1)”

How and Why We Age

How our health deteriorates as we age is well known … but scientists are only beginning to unravel the reasons why we age and what we may or may not be able to do to slow down the onset of feeble old age. Here’s the state of play. Continue reading “How and Why We Age”

Healing powers of omega-7

Omega-7 fatty acids are little known. But one member of this class of fatty acids… palmitoleic acid … is said to reverse metabolic syndrome, lower your risk of obesity and help prevent heart disease. Here’s a brief overview. Continue reading “Healing powers of omega-7”

A new trick to reduce blood sugar?

A small study conducted recently suggests that you can reduce the after-meal spike in your blood glucose and insulin levels by changing the order in which you eat different types of foods … proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Continue reading “A new trick to reduce blood sugar?”