Can Berberine help Diabetics?

Berberine, derived from plants, has been found to help reduce blood glucose and blood pressure level. It has other clinically proven properties that benefit other medical conditions. It is also surrounded by a lot of unproven hype. Here’s the story …

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How to determine your unique personal dosha yourself

The concept of the dosha is at the core of the Ayurveda. Determining your personal dosha with precision is best left to an expert but there is no harm in trying to decide what it is yourself. Here’s how!

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Can the Ayurvedic diet help control blood glucose levels?

The personalised diet you’ll enjoy as the client of an ayurvedic consultant will help you control your diabetes. However, it needs to be modified by your consultant to eliminate food stuffs that are not compatible with a low-fat, low-sugar diet. 

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How Ayurveda can help diabetics

The Ayurveda is an ancient Indian lifestyle that has been proven over long millennia. But can it help you control you blood glucose levels and beat diabetes? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’, subject to reservations about certain aspects of the dietary recommendations. Here’s what you need to know about Ayurveda … 

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