Infographic: Beating Diabetes

Infographic: Defeating the Effects of Diabetes

Every minute of every single day, three people are diagnosed with diabetes. This equates to 32,000 people a week being diagnosed with the condition, which affects 5% of the world’s population … Maria O’Driscoll explains.

It is obvious that diabetes is all too prevalent. Indeed studies from the World Health Organization indicate that the problem is going to get a lot worse before it gets any better.

Union Quay Medical Centre in Ireland (click here) has created an informative infographic overview of diabetes (see below).

The infographic touches upon the main differences between the two types, its main symptoms and what health effects it can cause.

It also unveils a series of myths related to diabetes … such as that of having ‘a bit of’ the condition, or being able to detect a decrease in your blood glucose level.

Type 2 diabetes affects 90-95% of all sufferers. But the one silver lining of Type 2 is that it can be treated with a few lifestyle and dietary changes.

Increasing your amount of exercise is one of them, and that doesn’t mean having to sweat away for hours in the gym. Even a 30-minute walk at least five days a week could lead to dramatic improvements in your health.

Likewise, dietary changes don’t absolutely have to exclude sweet foods, but rather limiting their intake. It helps if you cook your own meals, as you can control exactly what ingredients go into them … and to use smaller crockery so that you’re eating an ideal amount while still having a full plate!

Now check out the infographic for info and smart tips on beating diabetes.

Infographic on Diabetes

Find out more about Union Quay Medical Centre here.


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