Coronavirus – fact-based recommendations

A lot of hype is being circulated on COVID-19 and how to beat it … most of it is based on rumours rather than verified facts. Here’s some advice from Professor James Robb of the University of California in San Diego who has been researching various coronavirus since the 1970s and is a well respected authority on this lethal disease. Here, truly, is how to protect yourself in the form of a circular he sent to his students and staff recently Continue reading “Coronavirus – fact-based recommendations”

A Simple Remedy …

Despite the development of new drugs and medical treatments our quality of life seems to be getting poorer … due to rising levels of stress resulting in physical and mental dysfunction. Guest writer David Hegarty explains how good breathing habits can improve our wellness and be the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Continue reading “A Simple Remedy …”

How to control COPD

COPD is an incurable disease that, like diabetes, gets progressively worse over time. If you are diabetic your chances of developing COPD are at least 50% greater than those of a healthy person. Here’s what you can do about it. Continue reading “How to control COPD”