Why you should stop taking drugs for your diabetes

The drugs doctors recommend for diabetes come with a long-list of damaging side effects. In addition they do not increase the survival rates of people who take these drugs. Here’s why you should stop taking these drugs … and what you can do instead to beat your diabetes. Continue reading “Why you should stop taking drugs for your diabetes”

How much sodium and potassium do you need?

New research shows that too little potassium, as well as too much or too little salt, can cause health problems. So how much of each should we eat and what are the best foods for delivering these essential micro-nutrients? Continue reading “How much sodium and potassium do you need?”

Diabetes and Global Warming — the Link

To beat their diabetes, diabetics are increasingly turning to a plant-focused diet. But this is at a time when rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are sapping some vital nutrients out of the grains and legumes diabetics need to eat.
Continue reading “Diabetes and Global Warming — the Link”