Hidden sugars and how to avoid them

Hidden sugars are the added sugars in our food products that make controlling our consumption of sugar extremely difficult. These ‘invisible’ sugars are found in the least likely places and can undermine our efforts to control our diabetes … unless we know where they are hiding. Continue reading “Hidden sugars and how to avoid them”

Snacks for beating diabetes

What do you do when you start feeling a little peckish between meals? As a type 2 diabetic you cannot give yourself a boost with a bar of chocolate, a few sweets or a sticky bun. Here are a few suggestions. Continue reading “Snacks for beating diabetes”

Green Tea and Your Health

Green tea is considered an ultra-healthy beverage … drink it regularly and you’ll enjoy a long healthy life! But where is the scientific evidence to support this marvellous reputation? Continue reading “Green Tea and Your Health”